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Thom Thom Stark

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I am a retired Health Care Professional who dedicated a career to helping people create a hope and a future. And I know that I was blessed to do what I did! Unfortunately, I had a one paycheck mindset, a one deposit destiny and in a field without a pension. I was ill prepared when it came time to leave the work that I loved so much. Do you know that 40% of Americans are not financially prepared for retirement when they reach the age of 62. Do you know that 45% don’t know what to do with their time when the retire? Do you know that God placed a purpose and a vision in your heart before you were born and carry that plan all the days of your life? Do you know that there is still time to be able live a life that you have always wanted to live and to leave a legacy for others? My passion to help others live “life as it should be” has not changed. In fact, it has multiplied exponentially. My focus has changed to not only help people improve their health and well-being but to also create full-time incomes from home, increase their giving, as well as renew or repurpose their life. I’m building a team of thousands of people changing the world, one person’s life at a time.  Anybody can do this and you can as well.

If you understand timing and trends, you already know that the world is experiencing a “green, organic” transformation. Major retailers increasingly offer organic foods, there is an increase in the number of cleaning products, nutritional and health supplements. The media publicizes and promotes healthy alternatives and lifestyles almost on a daily basis.  I want to help you take advantage of this “Green Revolution.”

That’s my mission. That’s me, “The Organic Retiree.” A professional purposed to rekindle hopes and dreams to as many people as possible. Whether they choose to listen or not is up to them, but I’ve seen the future and the possibilities are exciting.  If you’d like more information on the AMAZING 100% Certified Organic and chemical Free Products that I use make sure to check out the My Fav Products tab. There is nothing hidden in the products that I have chosen. If you’d like a PDF of all of our products ingredients, head over to the Contact Form and send me a quick message. I’ll forward it to you!!

Thanks for stopping by. Come here often. Make sure to grab your copy of the TOXIC REPORT for more information on the Silent Soak happening in our lives. Find out more about what I do by logging onto:

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